Bradford Elects Terrorist Financier

Recently Channel 4 launched a series entitled ‘Make Bradford British‘.

Based on today’s evidence, that effort’s not going very well.

Unless of course being British means:

  • Financing terrorists
  • Supporting genocide
  • Virulent antisemitism
  • Inciting violence
  • Violating international law
  • Working for an Iranian propaganda channel
  • Getting yourself banned from Canada

But this is exactly what the people of Bradford West voted for in yesterday’s by-election. They have chosen to send George Galloway, a man guilty of all of the above, to represent them in parliament.

Quite simply, they have voted for an extremist.

The evidence against George Galloway is both damning and widely available, so it’s impossible for anyone to claim that they didn’t know who or what they were voting for.

We found the following video on Youtube after just a few moments of searching.

If you live in Bradford, but were not interested in the by-election, this is what 18 thousand of your neighbours have voted for:

There are plenty of reasons to be angry, upset and disappointed. Galloway’s election not only reflects terribly on all those who voted for him, but leads us to question whether the local media did a good enough job of exposing him.

Whenever there is even the slightest suggestion that the BNP might do well in an election, the media (local and national), as well as the three main political parties, go into a complete frenzy. Why did they not do the same to help prevent Galloway from being elected?

Even now that he’s been elected, his ties to Islamic terrorism haven’t exactly been front page news.

The Guardian reports that he cried “All praise to Allah!” outside his campaign headquarters, but there’s nothing about his support for Hamas, an organisation that lists the eradication of the Jews as its number one priority.

In the Telegraph Brendan O’Neill argues that his election reflects badly on the state of British politics – and we can’t really argue with that. But then he goes on to claim that Galloway’s victory, “isn’t that different to when a member of the BNP wins a seat on a local council or some UKIP suit gets sent to Brussels.”

Perhaps one minor difference he’s overlooked is that neither the BNP or UKIP have been videoed giving money to the head of a terrorist organisation.

Also in the Telegraph, Damian Thompson reminds us that, “Galloway wasn’t elected by “extremists” – this result was brought about by the votes of ordinary Muslims, who voted for an extremist.”

Well that’s ok then. Galloway is an extremist, but it seems it was ‘moderates’ that voted for him.

Of course there is a big difference between blaming all of Bradford’s Muslims for the election of George Galloway and pointing out that the election of a man who has financed and supported Islamic extremists suggests that Bradford’s Muslim community might not be quite as ‘moderate’ as we’ll constantly told they are.

There’s also a big difference between seeing Galloway’s election as further proof of your criticisms and using extremist methods to fight extremism. That’s not what the EDL is about.

But just because we believe in a measured response does not mean that we should be afraid to say the obvious: Islamic extremism is clearly a powerful force in Bradford and Galloway’s election proves that any efforts to ‘Make Bradford British’ are failing.

That’s what our newspapers should have said this morning. But they didn’t.

And we wonder why we have such a problem with Islamic extremism?

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4 Comments on Bradford Elects Terrorist Financier


    And David Cameron goes on about when he had is last pasty in cuckoo land!!!
    This an example of the first place it is going to start.
    What is he a convert Muslim? What is his agenda?

  2. What will liblabcon be thinking now Respect got Bradford West. They all said on BBC text its a one off. Funny they all said exactly same thing. Is that a one party thing. Because thats is what they are. To vote for liblabcon you are voting for the Muslims to control this country. The people have to realise these parties do not share any decent values for this country or its own people anymore. It is frightening to think liblabcon are encouraging the ethnic takeover of our country and people cant even see it. Liblabcon names are just a cover for there real names. Probably there real names will have a foreign sound to them.Lets hope Respect getting in is a wake up call to all those voting for it through liblabcon. All the best to you fellow Patriots. We must not loose this fight. I am new on hear .

  3. So what will George achive or is this nothing but akick in the teath at those in power at the moment who diss him years back,i wonder if he feels the same when familys meet ther love ones just aftre they have been blown to hell when they come back to Brize Norton or in the States,yes war is a bad thing and we all no that no matter what people think but those who risk there lifes and come back in a Zip bag,how does he explain that to people……..ref Robert Edwards democracy was aterrable lie which was told to us mnay years back..and you no it….we live in a society run by those who feel there doing good but at the end of the day its not chaged from many years back with Draconion thinking,…….Joe coleman yes it is a sectarian result but do not people see the real world…..thing is is it about Muslims??????? try and work this one out!!!!we have socialy accepted Terroists in Parlimnet yet we dont see it,why do we stand down becasue we dont want to rock the boat,but i dont want my Family being indoctrinated with other peoples Fath and especialy there law to in this country,people say it does not mean that hmmmmm come on people i feek it does,if this is not the case lets have a christion assembely in Pakistan and burn there flag or in any Muslim Country we all no it would not happen and thats afact,George galloway is no diffrent than any politician……what will he prove and achive no much more than thsoe who ahve tryed before except his wage has gone up!!!!!!

  4. this is just insane i have got a feeling its going to get worse the more muslims and islams what ever we want to call them come into are country then they will be more of them to vote for stupid elections like this how have they actually got the right to vote?

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