EDL Condemn Luton Mosque Attack

Around the world Muslims are regularly burning Christian Churches. Over Christmas the Egyptian government joined in on the act, yet little was heard beyond a few reports that tried to make out it was the fault of the Christians. Church burning is such a regular occurrences with the Islamic community that nobody bothers much about it. No-one gets even a damn or (and pardon the expression), gets hot under the collar.

Throughout the world, despite these regular assaults the number of supposed Islamophobic hate crimes is actually at quite a low. But if you believe people like MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Committee) not a day goes by without Muslims being beaten and mosques attacked.

When we heard that the Mosque in Bury Park, Luton had been attacked – another ‘alleged’ arson attack, we thought it highly suspicious coming so closely after the Aarhus meeting of counter-jihad groups. These groups are labelled as far-right despite none of them actually meeting the criteria set down by the expert on far-right politics Mike Goodwin. He defines far-right as groups who politically reject liberal, secular democracy. The EDL are very much supporters of the democratic system.

Mike Goodwin also says the far-right politics rejects human equality. The EDL stand for equality of the human individual. Yet these are the very things that Islam denies. Muslims are, according the Qur’an and the Hadith superior to non-Muslims. They also reject secular laws as man-made and only recognise the establishment of a caliphate led by caliph appointed by scholars. So with the report that a mosque was attacked with fire, we of course became extremely suspicious.

One thing we must make clear, and it is something we have repeated time and time again: we do not endorse attacks on mosques or any place of worship of any faith or religion. We are totally against such attacks. People must be free to worship how they please. This attack has already been attributed to the work of racists, Islamophobes and no doubt finger pointing by certain Islamists at the EDL. Yet the EDL have never attacked a mosque. The EDL have never encouraged attacks on mosques and the EDL will never encourage attacks on mosques. So why is it, before any evidence has come to light of who the perpetrators are that it’s automatically the work of ‘far-right extremists and Islamophobes’?

It is the same kind of knee-jerk reaction that the media and politicians are now conditioning the people of this country to believe, just as the left-wing biased media reported happening in France when an Islamist murderer killed a little Jewish girl by blowing her brains out and killing three other Jews and earlier still Muslims fighting for the infidel. But there is another side to this coin one that gets almost no media attention. Mosques in the UK have been burned before. Not by right wing extremists or Islamophobes, but by Muslims themselves to discredit their opposition and to play the victim – which they are very good at doing despite the truth being in front of everyone’s eyes. This particular ploy has been tried before in Luton, so we should not be surprised if it’s not a case of deja-vu.

The Islamists and their apologists would have you believe that attacks against Muslims are at all-time high. Is this true? Let us consider the facts.

From the Metropolitan Police Authority’s own hate-crime forum the following statistics were obtained for attacks against Muslims.

2003/4 – 694
2004/5 – 600
2006/7 – 632
2007/8 – 440
2008/9 – 373

And it would seem that despite the rhetoric, the claims, the truth is that crimes against Muslims are actually decreasing. Indeed according the government’s own crime statistics the number of racially motivated hate-crimes has dropped by a considerable amount.

The latest available figures for racist incidents reported to the police in England and Wales show that:

• Overall, 51,187 racist incidents were recorded by the police in 2010/11 – a decrease of almost 18% across the last five years (2006/07 to 2010/11).

• The largest numeric reductions in racist incidents were recorded in the Metropolitan and West Midlands police forces who between them accounted for 3,142 (or 29%) of the overall reduction between 2006/07 and 2010/11.

Religiously motivated hate crimes are also down by a whopping 26% across Britain.

These two areas represent the largest centres of Muslim populations in the UK and yet we see hate crimes against them decrease.

When we see these kinds of figure we wonder. You see, a little time back, houses of Muslims were ‘apparently attacked by the EDL’. The houses were daubed in paint with the letters EDL. After police investigations a number of Muslims were arrested. It turned out that these ‘attacks’ by so-called far-right group had in fact been carried out by Muslims trying to discredit the EDL. Is this the first time they’ve done this in Luton? A mosque was fire-bombed on July 23 2011 and two men were seen on CCTV running away. Strangely, two ‘Asian’ men were on hand to help put the fire out. These two men have never been identified and the two hooded individuals have never been caught. Although, it would be wrong to point the finger, but it must be said, it is highly suspicious.

From the way the media are portraying the incident – and any attack on any religious establishment is to be regretted and the EDL strongly reject any such actions against mosques or against Muslims – it can be seen that the automatic assumption is that it’s a race/religious motivated attack. Yet Muslims do attack mosques (when was the last time you hear Christians burning down a church from another denomination? or Hindu’s doing the same?). Shia Muslims attack Sunni mosques and vice versa the world over. In fact not so recently a Shia mosque in Anderlecht in Belgium was attacked by a Sunni Muslim. And the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect regularly finds itself under attack from other Muslims who claim that they are not ‘real’ Muslims. Again, the attack in Belgium was initially thought to be the work of right-wing Islamophobes. Yet the truth was that it was an attack by Muslims on Muslims.

The fire in Bury Park, Luton, may or may not turn out to be the work of Islamophobes, or even right-wing groups. Whoever has carried out the crime, the full weight of the law must be brought to bear. The EDL whole-heartedly and unreservedly condemn any attack on a place of worship whether it is a mosque or a church. It should also not be an automatic assumption that this was an attack by far-right groups or Islamophobes, else people will make the same mistake as the Guardian newspaper when it triumphantly declared the killings of Jews in Toulouse as the work of white neo-Nazis. They have yet to apologise to their readership.

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3 Comments on EDL Condemn Luton Mosque Attack

  1. great aeticle hits the nail on the head and reiterates the muslim game of lying to and about non muslims.

  2. Boba. The reason people chant comments like this is because they need to vent their anger. They are sick of disrespectful people hiding behind their religion, which we are supposed to respect. Action = Reaction. You might not like it but it’s human nature.

  3. I’m happy you said “alleged arson attack.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised
    if these were not false flag incidents.
    Think about it. What is there in the EDL history to even remotely suggest
    EDL would be anywhere near such behavior. Think about it! The entire UK
    and the entire Western world is lining up behind the EDL. It’s gotten to the point that to NOT support the EDL tells more about a person’s character than to support the EDL. Sorry, folks, but those are the facts. You think EDL is going to be so stupid as to do something like this? If you do, you are the one who is the idjit.

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