Aarhus: Anti-Extremists 1, Far-Left Extremists over 80

Those are the latest arrest figures for the European Counter-Jihad meeting held in Aarhus Denmark at the weekend.

A clean sheet would have been nice, but at least it’s clear from the figures who had traveled to Aarhus to cause trouble.

This was the first demonstration of this kind and so we decided against mass mobilisation, preferring instead to send only a small group of representatives. We joined representatives from numerous European Defence Leagues and other Islam-critical organisations to share experiences and discuss the possibility of future cooperation.

Unfortunately it seems that one of the experiences that we all have in common is the constant threat of violence from far-Left extremists

But in Aarhus, it wasn’t just the UAF in attendance. Hardline communists, Islamic extremists and other trouble-makers all gathered together to engage in their favourite activity – accusing patriotic, well-meaning people of being fascists.

Thankfully, the Danish police did a good job of safeguarding the meeting from these violent agitators, despite their being pelted with missiles by the self-proclaimed ‘anti-fascists’.

Our thanks also go to the Danish Defence League for organising such an enjoyable and important event, and to everyone who attended for not rising to the provocation of the extremists.

The meeting was a success on many fronts, partly because a great deal of effort was put in to ensure that trouble-makers were not able to hijack the occasion. The DDL announced quite clearly that extremists would not be welcome, and we asked the European Defences to agree to a Memorandum of Understanding that makes clear our opposition to extremism of all kinds.

We are not complacent about the threat posed by far-Right extremism and we hope that this memorandum will long serve to make clear to anyone on the far-Right that we do not share their beliefs.

This isn’t easy when certain sections of the press do all that they can to ignore our efforts to combat extremism and, in some cases, almost seem to be actively advertising the EDl to the extremists that we constantly make clear we do not want to associate with. For instance, the Daily Mail claimed that all of the groups attending the meeting were ‘far-Right extremists’ – ignoring the violent perpetrated by far-Left extremists and doing absolutely nothing to justify their accusation.

The Telegraph, on the other hand, focused on the apparently massive news that the BBC had paid “up to £100″ to fly EDL Leader Tommy Robinson back to the UK for a Sunday Morning Talk show (more about this soon). They also called us ‘far Right’ for good measure. Again, no explanation of what that actually means.

The Guardian had even less to say, instead claiming that the fact that “anti-fascist demonstrators” heavily outnumbered those who were there to attend the meeting was evidence that we had failed to “strike a blow against Islam” (before then admitting that it had never been about numbers). This time we weren’t far-Right extremists but “far right militants”.

Surely it was those who attacked the police and racked up over 80 arrests that were being ‘militant’?

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3 Comments on Aarhus: Anti-Extremists 1, Far-Left Extremists over 80

  1. Comment In The Swiss Defence League :

    Personnal Add from the Swiss Defence League who couldn’t attend, but in spirit was there anyway :

    It’s really hard to be understood in our days, without been categorise as far-right or all non-sense !

    We are The People of Europe, We existed… We Still Exist.. and is it so difficult to understang keep want to exist WITHOUT SHARIA LAW ?!

    WITHOUT ISLAMIZATION ??? Is it so much to ask ???

    Don’t you like European Dish ? Clothes ? Music ? Books ? Culture ?

    Is it So Wrong to be European in Europe ?

    How come that this be extremism ? How can this be no longer LEGITIMATE !

    Do people of Europe have to Invade The North Pole to be able to be European.. and leave Europe to other invaders with Anarcho-Leftist-Islamist who will make a very Free Hell to live in ??

    Sure can show to be open-minded and democratical.. so if that the majority.. As a minority..I’m asking..What for US ? Where can we live as European, if Europe is not allow it ?? If it is so criminal ! Who gonna stand for the right to be of this minority ? Who’s then the fascist ?

    Wilhem T. Knox

  2. http://casualsunited.wordpress.com/2012/04/05/global-fight-against-islam-widens-usdl-3/#respon
    The USDL now well lets keep this going because the politicainsare leaving us in this mess to put up with and grin and bear it, and threatened with arrest if we do not.
    Great Briton is what it says on the can so lets invoke amd remember wom we decend from The great kings and queens of England must be turning in our graves. They had none of of it, did not entertain it coming to our land it was unthinkable.

  3. http://casualsunited.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/destruction-of-a-nation-white-britons-the-new-minority-14/#respond
    Warning this will bring tears of regret of a bygone England a landscape that is no longer here. Tears :-))

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