New EDL Chairman

New EDL Chairman

Following the departure of Tommy and Kevin as leaders of the EDL, Tim Ablitt has been chosen to take on the newly created role of Chairman.

Tim has been a very active member of the EDL for several years. Initially he was part of the Support Group where he made an invaluable contribution to recording and producing videos.  He became administrator of his division, Poole, and then regional organiser for the Southwest region.

Tommy and Kevin asked him to become National Organiser with overall control of the regional organisations, a role that he carried out with energy and determination.

In a meeting held on Wednesday 9th October the regional organisers unanimously agreed that the leadership of the EDL would in future be composed of a committee with Tim as chairman. All decisions made by the committee will be subject to a majority vote.

The English Defence League does not exist to serve the whims of its leader. It exists to serve the people of England. It exists to fight the forces of evil which manifest themselves in the form of Islamic extremism, female genital mutilation, honour killings, and Sharia law. None of us joined  the EDL because of Tommy Robinson or Kev Carroll, we joined the EDL because we recognised that there is a problem in this country with political Islam.  It’s not about following personalities, it’s about defending our values, our tolerance, our democracy and our way of life.  We may lose our leaders, and some may say we have lost our way, but we will never lose sight of our mission. We will never lose our motivation. So long as hate is preached in British mosques and so long as Muslim rape gangs lurk in dark corners in our neighbourhoods, the EDL will never be far away.

We look forward to our next demonstration in Exeter on 16th November.

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