Official Statement – Anders Brievik

Unfortunately, due to some uneducated members of the media, blindly only reporting half a story, we have been forced to make another statement on the Norwegian terrorist Anders Brievik and further give attention to him, rather than the 94 innocent victims, their families and the people of Norway who deserve the attention as they recover from this tragedy.


It would seem shameful that journalists have been all too quick to link the English Defence League to this murderous creature, quoting from his blog that ‘on some occasions [he] had discussions with SIOE and EDL and recommended them to use certain strategies (via facebook)’. We can categorically state that there has never been any official contact between him and the EDL, our facebook page had 100,000 supporters and receives tens of thousands of comments each day. And there is no evidence that Brievik was ever one of those 100,000 supporters. Even so, anyone who expresses any extremist beliefs of any kind, be it white supremacist, christian fundamentalist or Islamic extremists, they all get banned from the site.


We have a long and successful history of ridding this peaceful and patriotic organisation of anyone who doesn’t agree with our mission statement, or shows extremist beliefs. This includes successful stewarding of our demos, ensuring that any racists are removed from the areas, strict moderating on our forums and constant monitoring of our facebook pages and affiliated groups. It has been reported that Norway has some problems far-right groups and neo-Nazi organisations, in February, our friends at the Norwegian Defence League had many new supporters after our peaceful Luton demonstration. Unfortunately, due to irresponsible and libellous journalism, some of these new supporters believed the NDL to be a group to express their far-right and neo-Nazi beliefs. It wasn’t and the NDL did a fine job of quickly acting and banishing such unwanted fascists and putting the record straight that fascists are not welcome in the Defence Leagues, only patriots worried about the rise of extremism that causes unnecessary death and pain to innocent people. It is not known whether Brievik was one of those to be banished, but the fact that one of his aims was to set up a Norwegian version of the EDL, when there already was one, goes some way to showing that he hasn’t got a clue about the EDL movement.


If these pathetic and sensationalist journalists had bothered to give the due respect to Norway, its readers and the truth, they would have read the entire writings of Brievik and reported the whole story. They would see that Brievik talks about the EDL in a negative light because of our anti-extremist stance. They would have reported the facts, they would have reported our history of being anti-fascist, anti-violent and anti-extremist. They would have reported that Brievik also states on page 1438 of his document, ‘The EDL are in fact anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi. They have many members and leaders with non-European background (African and Asian)…EDL and KT (Brievik) principles can never be reconciled as we are miles apart ideologically…The EDL harshly condemns any movement that use terror as a tool, such as the KT. This is why, we, the KT, view the EDL as naïve fools.’


It couldn’t be made any clearer that Brievik did not like the way the EDL was a peaceful organisation, open to all, making our point through legal and democratic means, as Brievik recognises we do ‘The EDL is a democratic movement, they still believe that the democratic system can solve Britain’s problems‘. He even knew before hand that the EDL would harshly condemn his terrorist atrocity and his terrorist group, and as the leading anti-terrorist, anti-fascist, anti-racist organisation in the country, this is exactly what we have already done in our release yesterday: Extremism strikes in Norway.


No form of terrorism can ever be justified and the taking of innocent lives, can never be justified. We are proud to stand strongly against all forms of extremism and we will continue to speak out against the biggest terrorist threat to our nation, Islamic extremism. With our next protest in the most extremist filled area of the UK, home to many past terrorists and no telling how many future terrorists, East London. Just last week, a Somalian national from the area went on trial for funding terrorism, so it is vitally important the law abiding citizens of this land make a stand to urge the government into decisive action to prevent the next act of terrorism and scene of devastation, again being in the UK.


Again, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway.


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20 Comments on Official Statement – Anders Brievik

  1. Nice statement and to the point
    My sympathys go to the greiving familys
    And forgive my grammer but ANDERS BRIEVIK is a animal who deserves to rot in hell for all eternity
    Thats all the BASTARD deserves NSE

  2. Appreciate the concise and explicative release i hope that the british journalists feel shame as they are sinking into another untrue and murky set of lies and badly researched material.

  3. I was shocked to see our name mentioned today I’m the papers
    Well written condemnation for the atrocities
    Typical media bringing us into the equation when will these liberal thought police wake up and see what really is happening not just in the UK but Europe and beyond

  4. I’m disgusted at the way the media are trying to link this atrocity with the EDL!
    Thank goodness most people are not as daft as ‘they’ seem to think we are.. and see straight through the lies.

    My thoughts and condolences are with those who grieve in Norway today. So, so sad.

  5. Disgusting that the press would choose to lie about people, rather than pay respect to the innocent victims, they deserve better.

    Thoughts are with the families and those who survived, must be going through hell.

  6. Lets hope the Norwegians leave a door open in his cell and shoot him for trying to escape , scumbag.

    And congrats to the Press for turning this into a feeding frenzy on the EDL , on the back of 90 dead children . Read the above statement before you write your rubbish.

    EDL marching peacefully for change.

  7. My Condolences to the parents and relatives of the Norwegian massacre victims is a must.

    For the records, everyday an Islamist follower of Muhammad blows himself taking hundreds of life’s a year with him. Is that EDL fault too?

    Peace. If that’s what you want.

  8. He isnt EDL nor was Bin Laden…Both can rot in Hell

  9. i understand his motives behind his attacks But the way he went about it and the innocent lives he has taken to put his motive/view across to his country and indeed the world make him no better then terrorist’s who take innocent lives . i hope he burns for his crimes…..
    My sympathys go to the grieving family’s

  10. i am a norwegian muslim and i really want to ask u all here something. u are hurt when everyone blames u for the attacks in norway, right? he was a christian european. with almost the same thinking as u, like against islam and all muslims and all. how can u then blame all the muslims for the attacks carried out by some muslims only? how can u blame me for that? i am against any terrorist attack and i am a practicing muslim and i want to follow islam as much as i can, but i know it will just make me a better human. in islam its not allowed to kill any innocent human being. i know this because i have read the quran and i am a muslim. therefore i will never kill any innocent human!

    i just want to say that the way u are feeling now, being blamed for something u didnt do, the same way we muslims feel when u blame all of us for what a small group of people among the muslims are doing! so please stop this and lets try and fight together against terrorism as a whole and not blame a single religious group or whatever.

    i also want to say, i was born in norway and it makes me a norwegian muslim. how can u want to throw me out of my own country for example? where should i go?`religion is not limited to culture or country. it is a belief. and everyone should be allowed to choose whatever they want to believe. no one should be forced. u might “kick out” all the foreigner muslims from europe, but what about those ethnic british, norwegians, danish, sweedish, etc, people who themselves have chosen to follow islam?

    i will also say that in many muslims countries like iran, iraq, pakistan, saudi arabia, etc, there are thousands of christians who are living there peacfully with the freedom of practicing their religion. in islam, we muslims are told to do so. we respect all the other religions and are not allowed to fight with them unless it is needed for selfdefence.

    so please stop this propaganda. stop spreading hate among us. we all are humans. respect each other and live in peace instead. we muslims and christians belive in the same God. the abrahamic God. the only difference is that u dont belive in the last prophet muhammed(pbuh). let our God decide who is wrong and who is right. who are we to fight over that? i hope my comment will not be deleted. peace.

    • You say thousands of Christians are living peacefully in Muslim countries. Lets have a look at the situation in Saudi Arabia according to the Wikipedia excerpt:
      “Saudi Arabia allows Christians to enter the country as foreign workers for temporary work, but does not allow them to practice their faith openly, because of that Christians generally only worship in secret within private homes.[3] Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam are prohibited.[3] These include Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols, and others.[3]”

      Brievik also cannot be defined as a Christian and certainly not as a Christian like anybody else when one looks at what he believes, Not that it matters one tiny bit, because he doesn’t have a Christian doctrine or organization backing him, like Al Qaeda.
      Pointing this and other problems is not spreading hate and it would indeed be nice if everyone just let God decide whose right. Please announce this at all the Islamic madrassas that are pumping up the next wave of suicide bombers.

      I seriously doubt that your post will be deleted. It is a testimony to the level of denial the west is up against. It is hard to believe you are serious and very sad if you are being for real.

  11. such an atrocious act of wanton violence against people who were just trying to live a life of peace, be it at work or at there leisure. My heartfelt sympathies to the families, the victims, and the witnesses of this terrible days actions. hopefuly people will learn that such terrible actions and twisted beliefes are not what the EDL are about.

  12. Wow that was quick ¬_¬ How dare they try to use this as a way of brainwashing, what insensitive bastards!
    We would never have a sicko like that in the EDL!!! He is no better then those extremest who bomb the twin towers and our trains and bus and killed those people!
    The reason EDL exist is partly because of that so what the hell do they think they are doing saying this was mostly due to EDL What a disgrace! Pathetic!

  13. @anum – we dont blame all muslims for terrorist attacks or say all muslims are terrorists because that would be a really stupid thing to say. If you look, you’ll see that we were one of the only groups in the world to wait for the facts before releasing any statement, a lot of news sites immediately presumed it to be islamic extremists but thats hardly surprising given their track record is it?

    From the rest of your post, it is clear to see that you dont understand what we are about and have believed a lot of the lies that continually get said about us.

    We dont hate muslims, we dont label muslims, we dont lie, we dont want to ‘kick out’ anyone, we just want our government to stop ignoring islamic extremism. Comments like yours show just how people get abused and lied about just for raising concerns about islamic extremism. Islamic extremism is rife in the UK, with 4 arrested last week, 1 put on trial, 1 group promising to forcibly implement sharia in some towns and a banned extremist allowed to walk our streets.

    We just want our streets safe again, we want our government to stop hiding for fear of offending over sensitive members of the muslim communities who like a good old riot, we dont want another 9/11, 7/7 or Norwegian like attack here.

    • @ anum

      Have to reiterate what bedfordap has mentioned… no one is blaming all muslims nor suggesting kicking out British muslims.

      As just a member of the many EDL members from many diverse backgrounds, we abhor terrorism in any form. The EDL is not to blame nor should it be to the evil that happened in Norway. As the evil stated quite clearly………. “The EDL are in fact anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi. They have many members and leaders with non-European background (African and Asian)…EDL and KT (Brievik) principles can never be reconciled as we are miles apart ideologically…The EDL harshly condemns any movement that use terror as a tool, such as the KT. This is why, we, the KT, view the EDL as naïve fools.”

      As to your points about Christians living peacefully with full rights in Islamic countries ???? That is certainly debatable as it is clearly NOT true. Churches in Saudi Arabia ?…ERH ;-(.
      You mentioned iran, iraq, pakistan, saudi arabia and clearly the plight of Christian, Sikh, Hindu,Buddhist followers is one of great concern to many here.

      In the UK we expect many freedoms and also the freedom to practice ones religion. WHAT we dont expect NOR will stand for is if one religion demands obedience and enforces its will as a minority on others. Sharia and Halal springs to mind. The rule of law is for all. No exceptions, not even for God ;-). Sure you will find many issues that are of concern to us on this site.


  14. god bless the people of norway in there pain really hated the way it was turned on the e d l

  15. how can we trust the old bill politicans the papers they r all bent not 1 person from the streets has had a voice on how our our country is run just bent politicans makeing money off of good hard working people i am sick of being a second class citizen in a country my grandad and other family members fought in 2 wars to give us our freedoms just 4 fanatics 2 slag of our boys comeing back from war like in luton .disgraceful 4 the press 2 even show the arsholes and there banners on the tv which we pay 4. our wounded solders had 2 pay 2 watch them from there hospital beds wot is this country comeing 2 .now look whats happerning riots all over the country david cameron open ur eyes im sure if we put the territorial army at all the ports of entry there wouldnt be so meny trying 2 get in and drain our resources nhs ,houseing while our solders sleep on streets

  16. very well put BigJay all i can add is How many more times do we E D L have to keep pointing
    out to the Ignorant ,Narrow minded ,arrogant and Pigheaded media That we are a peaceful,
    non racist, non facsist, non nazi organisation. How about giving out copies of the E D L mission statement. would that not clarify things for the Naive fools media.

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