Press Release: The EDL Is A Human Rights Organisation

English Defence League News – Press Release: EDL Is A Human Rights Organisation

Press Release – For Immediate Distribution

EDL Leadership 21st March 2011

We are reposting this press release from March 21st 2011 as it is currently unavailable from our old website. It should be noted that there are outstanding complaints being dealt with by the Press Complaints Commission and the recent massive press coverage following the Norway atrocity will probably result in more.

Please note: the English Defence League (EDL) is not now, nor has it ever been a “Far Right” organisation. The EDL welcomes all colours, creeds, religions, sexualities and anyone who believes in the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.

In the past many media outlets have dubbed the EDL “Far Right” without providing any significant evidence to back up this claim. We have not reacted up to now.

The EDL would like to alert all media outlets we have been advised in the future we should not allow news reportage to describe as or link the EDL to the “Far Right” without significant evidence (such as has not been provided up to now).

Should any media now refer to the EDL as “Far Right” or associated terms with negative or extreme conotations, without providing justifying evidence and giving the EDL a right to reply, as they are required to do by Press Complaints Commission (PCC) Editors’ Code section 1-i and 1-ii (Accuracy) & Section 2, we will have to consider an official complaint to the PCC.

As the EDL has a large following among ethnic minorities, different religions and differing sexualities, who are happy to stand up for the England they want to live in, describing these people as “Far Right” is inaccurate, insulting and morally wrong. The EDL has an obligation to protect its supporters from this accusation and will act accordingly.

For a detailed explanation of the EDL’s aims and policies please refer to our Mission Statement.


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9 Comments on Press Release: The EDL Is A Human Rights Organisation

  1. great statement which needed to be said.
    we are not nazis or terrorists or racists we are just british and trying to make sure that our right as brits are seen to be just as important as the immigrant population of our lands and that we should not have to tollerate the extreme anti west views of extreme islamists.
    heres hoping that the media try to learn about us rather then just learning to misunderstand our aims and goals

  2. I hope the biased miserable excuses who work in the UK media pay attention to this…..if the EDL could raise more money then they could take to court any newspaper who lied about the organization…nothing makes a newspaper think twice than the threat of losing in court.

  3. That statement pretty much eliminates any logical excuse for the media to demonize the EDL but you know the dhimmi media doesn’t adhere to logic when pushing their lefist islamofacist enabling agenda. The politicians and media are pretty pro-islam biased here in the U.S. but nothing like in Europe. I was shocked after reading the book ‘Londonistan’ a few years ago and the situation has only gotten worse for the non-muslim British. I haven’t been to Europe yet but when I do go I want to see “Europe” not mosques, minarets, burkas and ugly beards. I don’t want to hear calls to prayer which I’ve never heard living here in Southern California and I hope I never do. A lot of the radical muslims here are trying to influence our universities and educational system with Saudi and Egypt money for islamic studies propaganda and anti-Israel vitriolic lies. It’s awesome to see a great organization like the EDL protecting the culture, values, and institutions of English and Western Civilization. Thanks EDL!!!

  4. Well written..

    We must remember that the Far left wing Controlled media will not stop at trying to inverse this press release.
    If a friend of yours has bought one of those media and is endorsing the malicious content within please put them strait with a printed copy of a copy of the EDL Human rights Organization press release.

    Reading lefty news is one thing, believing it is another.

    NS Patriots

  5. my belief is , all religions , creeds & all races can live together in peace however all people wish to live in this great land our home must remember there are rules there are laws in place which must be respected and obeyed .

  6. The only “right” we believe in is the right to have our voice heard and to live in the country we love in harmony and peace with our brothers and sisters of whatever persuasion

  7. This site is a good site and needs more support, it should however keep a close eye on who their member are. There are people getting onto this site and spouting what this site is against, right wing nasty people. rojdoj is one such person who should be removed from this site as they are right winged and an islamist. We as a country do not need idiots like that. I will watch even closer now to what is said and will report any one like this rojdoj.

  8. Never give in, the truth will prevail. Excellent statement. Thank you. Spread the word.

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