The EDL Condemns Rioting and Unchecked Lawlessness in England

Alongside all decent people in the UK, the EDL is shocked and horrified at what has been happening across the country for the last few nights. The rioting that has broken out all over the country should be a massive wake up call.

We’re not going to jump out of place and blame this on Islam (that will surprise a few people) and we don’t really have a view on the racial aspects of the riots except for the following observation. For two years the EDL has staged legitimate protests and there has never been any significant criminal damage. Almost all of our demonstrations have been met with an overwhelming and vicious police presence that included dogs, horses and numerous cases of batons wielded against peaceful EDL members. We have countless reports going far back in time from our own stewards who have been assaulted by the police while they themselves were keeping order.

We know it’s not the rank and file police who are responsible because we know we have huge sympathy in their ranks. There is something very rotten being fed down from the top, however. It’s obvious that, perhaps because of a perceived “un-whiteness” of the current criminal looters, the police have not been ordered to crack heads.

Maybe individual police officers are too fearful of being later blamed if they injure someone but the reality is the human rights of these violent criminal looters have been placed way above the right of decent people to walk the streets, to sleep soundly in their beds and to expect the police will protect their businesses and livelihoods.

Society is seriously damaged: respect for the institutions of the state has been significantly eroded. Patriotism and pride in one’s nation have been branded offensive and perhaps this is the result. We don’t know if the same shadowy forces that ran riot during the G20 “protests” and the student riots but the outcome looks similar.  Children are no longer taught to be proud of our history! They’re barely even taught any history and our schools don’t pass on patriotism or respect for our Queen and country any longer.

The EDL offer our deepest sympathy to any of our members and the individuals and businesses who’ve been adversely affected. We hope that paralysing political correctness is lifted quickly. This both silences the EDL’s valid concerns about Islam and simultaneously prevents the police from acting swiftly and decisively to end the current troubles.

The EDL’s thoughts go out to the Police Officers having to face these rioters and put themselves in danger: not the hierarchy but the Police Officers on the streets, in constant danger and this is due directly to the failings of successive Governments.

Just a week ago we were told the EDL was the greatest threat to the continued peace and harmony within England. Doesn’t that look foolish now?

If EDL supporters wish to help please do so in any way that you can. If you are in touch with your local division, please see our recent announcement, otherwise you can find more information on this Facebook page: Post riot clean-up: let’s help London.



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21 Comments on The EDL Condemns Rioting and Unchecked Lawlessness in England

  1. Sadley the met police are discerdited right now because of unethical connections with the press and the way they handled legal demonstrations over the past 3 years. No ketteling or horse charges this time even though it would have been justified and effective.
    I feel sorry for cop on the beat right now,but if previous legal demos had been dealt with with appropriate force and no more ,this recent violence could have been met with equal force and the public would back them .

  2. Just seen Boris Johnson speaking to business owners in Clapham when some black bloke started going on about Mark Duggan,thats right the black guy who was shot for carrying a converted gun,nice one mate dont you worry about all those hard working people who have lost everything, you just rant about him. So instead of asking the question “why is this guy carrying a gun”the question being asked is “why was he shot by police”. It makes me sick to see the liberal left demanding investigations when the bottom line is he shouldn’t have had a gun,If you don’t cause trouble then the law doesn’t keep an eye on you,as for the riots and looters just send in the army to sort this out with full force, it will be over in no time with a bit of good old fashioned zero tolerance.

    • Paul, I couldn’t agree with you more Mark Duggan had a gun (aloaded one at that!) so technically speaking I would’ave pulled the trigger and shot him dead myself if I were one of those cops. Better him than anyone of those cops on duty or anyone else for that matter.

      All the looters, black and white should be forced to clean up the towns in chains.. and then sentenced to 100 skin ripping lashes from a horse whip then finally tagged on a 6am – 6pm curfew for 2 years. Tell the entire nation wont agree with that!

  3. Yes indeed we need to stand beside our English People in all the affected areas!

  4. The scenes we have seen over the last few days have sickened me to the pit of my stomach! Looting shops, setting homes,business & cars on fire, mugging vulnerable people!! these materialistic, spoilt individuals have no regard for anyone let alone the law. When they are caught, they will get a slap on the wrist and a small fine, of which they will use their benefits money to pay back! They don’t know what real deprivation is. About time Britain listened to the REAL views of tax paying citizens!

  5. “Society is seriously damaged: respect for the institutions of the state has been significantly eroded. Patriotism and pride in one’s nation have been branded offensive and perhaps this is the result.”

    Nail on the head, the other root cause is the dismal immigration policy of this Country and how politicians have allowed England to become a dumping ground.

  6. I am sad to say white (working class) are treated with contempt by our society. The black community has faught for their rights – which is part of the problem with the policing of these riots (as you point out) – this is also happening with Islam.
    We can learn from their example, and fight to reclaim our culture, our communities and our land.

  7. i sincerely feel for the people who have to live in the affected towns & city’s with these digusting riots , which i am proud to say ,that the protests the E D L organise are peaceful without violence i also feel for the police officers who have to deal with these dirty scumbags and try to keep the streets safe.

  8. Have You seen the photo in Daily Mail , showing an English man stripped of his jeans by a black looter??????????? It makes me sick.
    So humiliating.

    • How do you know he was English?…..The word you are looking for is white. Just because you are white (like yourself) doesn’t make you English. Make sure you explain that to your Russian friends back home!

  9. I’m shocked, sad and angry about those riots in UK, i’ve been watching it on TV here in Lisbon and I’m revolted with all of that. From what I can feel, police can’t do much more than be presente and pretend to disperse those animals, but it’s not enough, police must act painfully against them, otherwise they still mock on police.
    I’m a trully supporter of UK i’m sad about not live there and help those ones who want to stop those vandals, i sympathize with all of decent londoners and all other cities taht are experiencing this stupidity.
    Cheers mates.

  10. Bring on a curfew, troops with fixed bayonets patrolling the streets, armoured cars, rubber bullets & snatch squads. The troops know from their Northern Ireland experience how to deal efficiently with unruly mobs. The Gurkhas would have a field day!LOL

  11. This situation is frightening because a similar reaction happened in Los Angeles back in 1992, however it didn’t spread across the entire United States. I hope you can get these riots quelled and continue to make immigration laws in the UK more harsh. What scares some of us Americans is the fact that if our coloured President were harmed or is voted out of office, millions of our coloureds would riot in our cities. This would inevitably spark a race war in America.

    • Its not a question of race. The rioters are just criminals who thought they could get away with looting…the black brown and white ones!!!!.

      However, the WHOLE country is in revulsion and arrests are being made.The kids dont have any respect for the law and its a dog eat dog world.

      Your coloureds ??????? Get a grip mate. This is pure scum of all colours that need to feel the wrath of our society.

  12. It is time to bring down the government thay have been in power way to long and i dont just mean the one party i mean all of them. Thay have come complacent being in power for way to long, thay have let this country turn into what it is today taking orders from the rest of the world like the EU. I once seen on a website of theres that the uk had to give immigrants more rights then us. To more time for a new order a “New World Order”.

  13. i feel a lot of this is caused by bling/gangster culture and these youths black and white want the nice car ,the big tv and all what they see on mtv etc.But they do not want to work for it therefore this man being shot was ideal for them. I have seen on tv all the excuses for their actions like feeling excluded from society ,not being able to find jobs,boredom etc. Well when i was 16 and bored we played football not set fire to cars. when i left school i dressed smartly and went to interviews and got a job.Imagine these idiots going into a office for interview dressed with their trousers half way down their arses.Who would employ them because i would not.They are nothing more than lazy vermin.We live in a country now with total lack of respect a morals

  14. has anyone else noticed that its all foreigners people robbing and looting, whilst all the people that care about the community are the white people who had volunteered to clean up all the mess and destruction they had caused. thankfully i live up north and you don’t see any mosques or anything else but English culture.

  15. Why are you ignoring the threat that the Afro Carribean comunity poses to British society?This community contributes nothing to society,it glorifies gun and gang culture.Unemployment and criminality is the norm and a total lack of respect for anyone.The riots should have been the perfect pretext to eradicate as many of these scum as possible.Within the near future the muslim and Afro Carribean community will become the majority in Western Society and will see our societys sink to 3rd world levels.South Africa,Zimbabwe,Haiti,Jamaica and all former colonys can testifie to the incompetence,corruption and total lack of work ethic,self respect or normal western values.For more than 40 years we have spent billions on development aid and accepted millions of their citizens,the only result is despotism,nepotism and corruption in their own lands where they take our money and blame western society for all their problems and the disintegration of our own society.

  16. I am of the opiniom that these riots are a product of multiculturalism. Although nice in dreamland, in reality -it is not working and I don’t think it ever will!
    We all know (but are skirting the issue) that these riots were started by “blacks” and on the whole, most of tha damage was done by these same people. I am aware that some areas were damaged by “white trash” excited by these events and these people should be punished severely.

    When I think back to my parents (who fought in WW2 and my grandparents who fought in the 1st World War, I wonder how they would feel if t hey could see what was happening to my beloved country.

    I am interested in how the members of the EDL feel about Britains culture and its identity being erroded by political correctness and unfettered immigration. My opinon is this is harming our country and I am worried for the future of my children and theirs. I do not totally blame Islam for ths damage. I think the influx of many different cultures is doing more damage. What we are witnessing is Mini countries (communities) within a country and all living apart. This will prove to be dangerous in the future unless it is checked.

    Lastly! I find it unacceptable that the police come down far harder on white indiginous people who were involved in the riots, yet blacks are treated with kid gloves for fear of being branded racists. This is not on! I only hope these riots have resulted in your phonelines being blocked, by thousands of people, who wish to join your ranks.

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