Tommy Robinson Challenges David Cameron to a Live Debate

Tommy Robinson Challenges David Cameron to a Live Debate

The title says it all: we challenge the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to debate with Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League.

But the reason this debate is important has to do with the political climate in Britain today. It is no longer possible to discuss radical Islam without being unfairly demonised as some kind of extremist. That is wrong. And it can be as true for Muslim as it well as for non-Muslim critics of Islam.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, just as not every critic of Islam is an ‘Islamophobe’.

It’s time to abandon these lazy and offensive assumptions, time to give up the stereotypes, and time to have an even-handed public debate.

Quite simply, it’s time to talk.

We look forward to Mr Cameron’s response, but in the meantime we thought it would be worth explaining things from the EDL perspective:

EDL supporters are well-used to facing hostility when asked to explain their views. But when we explain why we demonstrate against radical Islam, we tend to find that any initial reservations people may have had are overcome remarkably quickly.

We do not demonstrate against radical Islam because we are intolerant or ignorant, but because we believe in values that the followers of radical Islam make no secret of rejecting, and will often openly admit to working to undermine. Important values such as:

  • freedom of speech
  • human rights
  • democratic accountability
  • respect for our armed forces (past and present)
  • and many other fundamental elements of our liberal democracy

No wonder more and more people are coming to realise the way that large sections of the media portray the EDL is at best naive and at worst purposefully deceitful.

We have no secret political agenda, no desire to join the mindless rioters that have recently shamed our country, and we wholeheartedly reject any of the forms of extremism that some of our critics are so keen to ascribe to us.

In fact, we play a critical role in educating would-be supporters against all forms of extremism, and we are despised by the real far Right as much as by the far Left and Islamic extremists.

We aspire to do “exactly what it says on the tin” – defend England from those who would do endanger the rights and freedoms that our country’s institutions have protected for generations. And we’ll do that in accordance with the best traditions of this country: peaceful protest, a stiff upper lip, and a commitment to keep calm and carry on!

Despite this, members of the far Left, and even a senior policeman, have claimed that what motivates members of the EDL is the desire to “inflame racial tension”.

What an offensive assumption. As if protesting against radical Islam has anything to do with race. What a racist assumption that is!

What actually motivates us is the desire to see the Muslim Community of this country defeat the dangerous extremism that lurks within it; so that there are no more home-grown terrorists, no more hate preachers, no more ghettos, and no more religiously-sanctioned attacks on women, homosexuals, non-Muslims, and other Muslims.

What actually motivates us is the desire to see politicians working to safeguard this country from a threat that they do not, as yet, appear to understand: so that hate preachers are expelled, not given benefits, and so that ordinary Muslims are encouraged to expel the radicals, not fail to take any responsibility for growing calls for Sharia.

What actually motivates us is the desire to see freedom of speech protected; so that vital criticisms may be made about the way in which radical Islam is being allowed to grow, without those criticisms being censored by those who have a vested interest in supporting Islamic extremism, and without those who make the criticisms being demonised as extremists for daring to speak up.

What actually motivates us is the desire to see our government actually doing something about radical Islam; for the sake of everyone: black, white, Muslim and non-Muslim.

Protesting against radical Islam should be common sense. The fact that so many politicians and media types leap to attack the EDL just demonstrates how little they understand about what really motivates our supporters, and how little they understand about the true nature of radical Islam.

It’s simple – radical Islam is deeply engrained in the Muslim Community, and a great deal needs to change. That’s not prejudice, that’s a well-supported, accurate, and honest assessment of the current situation.

On the other hand, if leaping to unfair assumptions and spreading them as if they were fact isn’t prejudice, we don’t know what is. Misrepresenting the EDL to the extent that we are called, sick, racist, fascist or ‘Islamophobic’, is actually a far more dangerous threat to community cohesion than giving a fair appraisal of what we do actually stand for.

For example, if you should suggest that radical Muslims seem to have a stranglehold on many Mosques or Muslim organisations, then you may well be accused of being an ‘Islamophobe’. But is expressing a concern about the current state of Islam in this country really evidence that you afflicted with some kind of mental illness or disorder? Of course not. Demonising critical opinions to this extent just strengthens the radicals’ claims that there can be no criticism of Islam, and that those who are thought to have in some way “blasphemed” against Islam must be dealt with incredibly harshly.

Encouraging the followers of any ideology to reject criticism is not healthy. When the ideology in question is a religion in whose name a seemingly endless number of fanatics are willing to commit terrible acts of terrorism, it is highly irresponsible and dangerous. And when the religion in question is plagued with intolerant, authoritarian Islamist extremists, slowly using the freedoms we afford them to undermine our country’s ability to protect those freedoms, it is nothing less than a betrayal of all those for whom human rights actually mean something.

Criticism is important, and we believe that the government’s woeful record in combating radical Islam is worth criticising and worth protesting about.

But not only are we committed to peaceful protest; we also place a great deal of trust in this country’s democratic institutions.

That is why we call on the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to agree to this debate.

It is vital that our views are heard. Not only because we hope that politicians might then begin to change their attitude to the threat posed by radical Islam, but also so that resentment, born of misunderstanding, does not cause greater divisions in our communities.

British Muslims need to be exposed to fair and honest criticism of their religion and of the extremism that it continues to incubate. They need to be protected from prejudice and hatred, but not from the sort of criticism that is essential to peaceful integration and to efforts to counter extremism.

That is what the EDL represent. And if, after that is clearly established, we are still accused of trying to “inflame racial tension”, then that is a more a reflection of the character of our accusers than it is our supporters.

Extremists have been responsible for countless horrors throughout history. Extremists incite violence, encourage division, and demonise their opponents. They do not call for reform. They do not campaign in favour of freedom of speech. They are nothing like the English Defence League.

It is clear, then, that the reputation of the EDL is central to the discussion about the state of Islam in Britain. The fact that calling for Islam to be reformed is still regarded as ‘Islamophobia’ is a sad reflection on the quality of the debate, and on the government’s ability to grasp the nature of the threat posed by radical Islam.

Radical Islam is not completely disconnected from Islam, and nor should it be treated as such. There are growing numbers of Muslim voices saying exactly this – it would be nice to see David Cameron give them a vote of confidence.

So although cynics would see a debate between Tommy Robinson and the Prime Minister as nothing more than an opportunity for the EDL to build even more support, it should really be seen as an opportunity for David Cameron to show that he understands the challenges that are ahead of us, has a plan for addressing them and, despite the seriousness of these challenges, is committed to safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all.

It would take a great deal of integrity for David Cameron to admit that he was wrong about the EDL.

It would take a great deal of bravery for him to stand up against the enemies of freedom; to condemn the far Left, the far Right, radical Islam, and all who do not believe that the Prime Minster should listen to the views of this country’s largest protest movement, or consider the concerns of our tens of thousands of supporters.

It would take a great deal of conviction. But England would remember him for it. Perhaps the world would remember him for it.

Radical Islam would certainly remember him for it.

So come on Dave, if you want to give the ‘Big Society’ a chance, now’s the chance to talk to it.

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  1. Carlos

    The people who say were protesting in Tower Hamlets to cause division should read this:

    We are not only protesting to protect The Indiginous people from the spread of Radical islam, but also the muslims that dont want this radical political form of Islam impossed upon them.
    The school girls being forced to unwilling were the veil by their teachers.

    We want Britain to be a thriving multicultral society living in peace and harmony. This will never be achieved while our goverment turn a blind eye to what is happening under their noses. We need to highlight these isues so the are not brushed under the carpet!

  2. infidelis

    Hi ,, I have taken the liberty of sending this article to my MP and requested that it be discussed with the Prime Minister,, I will of course notify you of the responce unless you have already received one.

  3. andrew patrick

    Tommy Robinson should be before the Queen for a Knighthood. The average folks of this country should rally upon his cries for he is hope at this awful time. He speaks for US, we have very few others doing that in this backward time. May he remain safe, may God bless him & may he prosper & become as Great as these times require him to become.

    1. lisa jones

      Agreed he is a very brave man and all that speak on the mike at these meetings and rallys are all in danger. Bless and protect all whom go in the name of good to preside over evil that is Islam.
      Many of us no longer trust the government to protect us from this horror unfolding, it is like the EDL is all we have to savetheuk. I have been speaking to many older and old females and they are very afraid. The police seem to be against us they are are allowed to say everything to us they are racsist against and that is allowed we are not allowed to say anything to them. What the hell is going on? !!!!

      Do we stand alone. Ask your self this everyone did we ask for immigration of Islamists we have been forced to live among this is dictator ship if not what is it? Is it their little experiment?

      Well when it all goes pear shaped in the remember this all of the government can offord to get on a private plan and leave us to it. They all have enough money to relocate abroad jump ship so to speak. It is us the majority that will have to face this evil!

  4. smith

    Another honest and great article from the scholarly hands of the EDL. If I may suggest can you bring to Camerons attention his cowardly, shameful and disgusting actions to the awareness of the broader British People. I can only describe him as ‘sick!’ I feel that his membership to the EDL may take on a ‘Dhimmi’ importance as he is an islamist par excellence.

    Be a Soldier of Righteousness, Honour and Courage save the lives of British Citizens that are being put to death on a daily basis by Mr Cameron. He is complicit and stands up for the death campaign and DEATH CAMPS! There is no difference between the death camps of Nazi Germany and the Death Camps in Britain Today! They are hidden but the result is the same, death by poisoning, instrumental experimentation and bodily quarterisation in the most horrific spectacle that is hidden behind the closed fences of modern death campS. In the olden days criminals were hung , drawn & bodily quartered. Yet this is happening now! Where is the people saying this is an outrage against human rites! A rite to life! Human pleasure and wealth take preference over moral equal opportunities to life! If someone goes to hospital AND THEY ARE SLOWLY POISONED TO DEATH and the bodies burned to hide the evidence or concern around this issue there would be a massive human outcry yet this is what is happening this very minute! SHOCKING BUT TRUE! WHEN YOU WERE SMALL DID ANYONE TRY TO CUT YOUR LIFE SHORT. WOULD YOU WANT THAT NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT & hard LIFE CAN BE? All I say and ask is give a second thought to the BRITISH CITIZEN OF TOMORROW! Given them a chance to stand up for the rites of this nation, humanity and God – say no to British abortion of its citizens & no to the islamisation of this God Given Land! God has said essential leaders are being killed in this ferocious activity! I hope I have not offended anyone by bring to the fore these ’killing flesh fields’ and the Government’s contemptuous and underestimating value to life of its British people! Many evil countries want to kill British people and the God of its forefathers. Mr. Cameron complies with their desires & opens wide the door to death of millions on a daily basis!
    Mr. Cameron has no God but himself!

  5. micheal

    his advisors would not let that happen . i would like to see it happen . but there is slim to no chance of it ever being a reality . does the man even prepare his own speeches? doubtfull . why have we no supporters in the media are they worried there profits will go down .we need to keep gaining support england,ireland,scotland,wales. all our brothers

  6. john reflex

    My opinion is split into a dilemma: is Mr Cam&ron really unaware of what islam is doing in UK, or is he part of it?
    Because islamists always get protected by influencial locals first, it is what they (islamists) call “asian persuasion” to then turn against the locals in no more than a 100 years and declare an islamic country. We wont be here obviously, but our grandchilds will and we are RESPONSIBLE for not doing enough (not EDL of course). That’s what always happened in islamic conquests.
    If Mr Ca&eron REALLY does not know how islam works, he’s better give up and we should march REQUESTING Mr Cameron to leave 9 Downing St now as he is not the right person to look after his own country and his own people. I’d rather live under a good KING than a fake democrat.
    Just read this link.

    1. lisa jones

      John I agree totally this is like the Jews all over again people only have to watch or read about THE STORY OF THE WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THEY BELIEVED THEIR GOVERNMENT WOULD NOT LET IT HAPPEN. IT HAPPENED AND THEY WHERE SLAUGHTERED BECAUSE THEY WHERE GOOD CITIZANS AND NEVER SPOKE OUT UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE AND WAS OVERPOWERED. I just want no Sharia Law people going in to other peoples Countries setting up their own communties and telling us we can’t go there in our Country if we did that in theirs it would be stamped out in no un certain terms.
      WHY HAVE WE NO RIGHTS? We are being silenced at every twist and turn will we become the Jews of yesterday. I for one wish I could get out of the UK but where to go? Vatican! ?? Wonder if they have room for a few more. This is by no means ment to offend Muslims that agree with No Sharia Law. Peace all.

  7. john reflex

    Islamic conquest of IranMain article: Islamic conquest of Iran

    Expansion during the Umayyad Caliphate, 661-750Muslims INVADED Iran in the time of Umar (637) and conquered it AFTER SEVERAL GREAT BATTLES. Yazdegerd III fled from one district to another until a local miller killed him for his purse at Merv in 651.[2] By 674, Muslims had conquered Greater Khorasan (which included modern Iranian Khorasan province and modern Afghanistan, Transoxania).
    Today they don’t need to conquer by declaring war, they come on a aeroplane paid by us!

    Richard Bulliet’s “conversion curve” indicates that only about 10% of Iran converted to Islam during the relatively Arab-centric Umayyad period. Following the Abbasid revolution of 749-51, in which Iranian converts played a major role, the Caliphate’s center of gravity moved to Mesopotamia and underwent significant Iranian influences.[8] Accordingly, the Muslim population of Iran rose from approx. 40% in the mid 9th century to close to 100% by the end of 11th century.[9] Islam was readily accepted by Zoroastrians who were employed in industrial and artisan positions because, according to Zoroastrian dogma, such occupations that involved defiling fire made them impure.[10] Moreover, Muslim missionaries did not encounter difficulty in explaining Islamic tenants to Zoroastrians, as there were many similarities between the faiths. According to Thomas Walker Arnold, for the Persian, he would meet Ahura Mazda and Ahriman under the names of Allah and Iblis.[10] Muslim leaders in their effort to win converts encouraged attendance at Muslim prayer with promises of money and allowed the Quran to be recited in Persian instead of Arabic so that it would be intelligible to all.[10] The first complete translation of the Qur’an into Persian occurred during the reign of Samanids in the 9th century. Seyyed Hossein Nasr suggests that the rapid increase in conversion was aided by the Persian nationality of the rulers.

    islamists STOLE the culture of native Persians. Does this rings any bell guys? We are ending that way. And wha the PM says about it? Nothing against it actually, is protecting them, Ob4ma’s style..WTF.
    I personally think our politicians have already embraced islam, unless the yspeak out against it and start saying it is NOT a religion, is a political ideology.

  8. Katlyn

    Good luck with having a debate with the PM. Its way overdue, and should have happened way before now! Tommy is expressing the opinions and concerns of ordianary working class people. Thank goodnes somone has the courage to try to do something about it. Good luck with the march and God Bless you.

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